Speeches by Voices Facilitator Carole Starr

2017 Vermont Brain Injury Conference

Carole discusses strategies for developing resilience after brain injury and shares the funny story behind her unusual speech title.  

Weasilience:  Handling Life's Wild Moments

2017 Butch Alterman Webinar

In this webinar sponsored by the Brain Injury Association of America, Carole shares strategies to help brain injury survivors build their resilience and move forward after adversity.

Resilience: Moving Forward after Brain Injury

2017 Book Launch Celebration

Carole shares the story behind the title of her book, To Root & To Rise:  Accepting Brain Injury, reads excerpts from three chapters and answers questions from the audience.

To Root & To Rise:  Accepting Brain Injury Book Launch

2015 Maine Brain Injury Conference

Carole gives the 2nd annual Beverley Bryant Memorial Lecture, which was created in honor of Bev Bryant, Carole's mentor and the Co-Founder of Brain Injury Voices.

Weasilience:  Handling Life's Wild Moments

2015 Maine Recreation Therapy Association Conference

In this keynote, Carole shares her journey back to happiness after brain injury and offers insights for professionals.

Never Give Up On Happiness

2015 Community Bridges Survivor & Family Conference, Concord, NH

In this version of her Happiness keynote, Carole focuses on strategies that can help survivors and families find happiness again after brain injury.

Never Give Up On Happiness

Speeches by Voices Members

2016 Maine Stroke Conference

2014 Maine Brain Injury Conference

Hilary Zayed delivers the 1st Beverley Bryant Memorial Lecture.  She shares her journey of reinventing herself as an artist after her brain injury and offers wisdom to help others.

Reinventing Oneself after Brain Injury

2013 University of New England

Ted Brackett shares his brain injury story as a case study for nursing and medical students at the University of New England.

Ted's Story

2013 "From Surviving to Thriving" Conference

Hilary Zayed delivers the keynote at Brain Injury Voices' conference for survivors and family members.

Reinventing Oneself

Videos from the workshops at this conference are in the section below.

Workshops by Brain Injury Voices

2013 "From Surviving to Thriving" Conference

Survivor Track Workshops (audio)

Survivor Strategies-Fatigue, Memory, Anxiety/Depression

Resilience for Survivors

Family Track Workshops (audio)

A Family Affair 

Resilience for Family Members

2012 Finding Happiness after Brain Injury Workshop

Workshop Introduction and Presentation 

by Dr. Howard Kunin 

Mindfulness & Radical Acceptance

Panel Discussion by Brain Injury Voices

Finding Happiness

Keynote by Carole Starr

Never Give up on Happiness

Other Videos

Brain Injury Voices 2010-2015

Brain Injury Voices turned 5 in 2010.  This video highlights the groups' accomplishments from 2010-2015.

Celebrating Five Years

Resilience Photo Essay

A series of Carole Starr's resilience-inspired nature photographs paired with inspirational words and set to music.

Resilience:  Moving Forward after Adversity

2014 "Laughing & Learning: The Wisdom of Bev Bryant"

Carole Starr's tribute to Bev Bryant (1939-2014), Co-Founder of Brain Injury Voices

Weasilience--A Speech about Dealing with the Unexpected

"Brainhilda and I"

Carole Starr was the subject of a radio piece about her struggles with hyperacusis (extreme sound sensitivity)

Brainhilda and I